How to choose hardwood flooring colors for home decoration

For home decoration, solid wood flooring colors match with the furniture and wall, this

will take home decoration effect to a higher level. If not, then indoor decorations will not

look harmonious. Decoration with solid wood flooring is based on the long term living, as a

result,the color of wood flooring needs to match the colors of the furniture. Before

decorating the new house with wood flooring and furnitures, we should pay attention to

three key principles as below:


First, the principle of the same color collocation

On the basis of the principle of the same color collocation, be sure of our desired decor style

to make our home simple and warm.In this casse, we could try to choose the solid wood

flooring with neutral or light color. If we want home with the elegant atmosphere, the solid

wood flooring with dark colors would be the best option.


Second, the principle of the similar color collocation

For small rooms or rooms with poor lighting conditions, when choosing solid wood flooring

we should take the similar colors as principal.This will expand people’s sense of space in

these small rooms and will not make people feel particularly cramped crowded. And with

good lighting conditions you can choose a lighter colored solid wood floors.


Third, the principle of contrasting color collocation

The furnitures light color can arbitrarily match the wood flooring with dark or light color.

We could consider the warm colored hardwood flooring in order to make rooms warm

and clean. If both furnitures and wood floorings are dark color,we need to be cautious to

avoid the negative and sad feeling. Here is some good suggestions to you : light wall,

neutral floor, dark furniture. If the color of the walls are  very shallow, flooring colors can

be neutral colors, furniture appropriately darker in color.


Nowadays the young people like modern or natural decoration style. When we choose the

wood flooring colors, the most popular wood floorings are oak, ash ,maple. As to the

decoration for elder people’s houses, we should note that the darker color or the color with

happy feeling is the best, such as Iroko, brazilian teak(cumaru) wood flooring.

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