Flooring maintenance in winter: Humidification is the key

Cold winter is coming, thousands of families have turned on the underfloor heating, the

temperature of the wood flooring began to increase, self-heating floor from development to

maturity and then put on the market, warm home floor share a pleasant moment of life.

How to deal with Self-heating floors in the face of all kinds of heating.

In terms of Consumers’ trend, the ground-heating flooring is the first choice for most

people,basically, using ground heating to go through the whole winte. In order to prevent

cracking of the floor, warped, etc., we need to have strict control of the surface

temperature which should not be over 30 ℃. Humidity control is also extremely

important, as we all know, once the ground temperature rises, the moisture content of

the hardwood flooring will reduce and lead to shrinkage cracks when it is exposed to

heat. To prevent the occurrence of such thing, it is recommended to increase the idoor

humidity appropriately. Waxing wood flooring is also a good option, to keep the moisture

content inside r and reduce the extent of expansion.

Of course, there are many ways to increase the indoor humidity, you can use a humidifier

to humidify.If there is no humidifier, pls use a dry cotton mop to wipe the floor can also

play a good effect. In order to keep a relatively stable environment for the wood

flooring, you should ensure that the indoor humidity above 50%.


After controling the temperature and humidity, you should avod stuffing too many things

and legless furniture on it, so as not to affect the heating of the floors. At the same time, pls

do not place foam or plastic products on the floor, such items after long-term contact with

heating, may produce harmful gases which are bad for health.

Enjoy the better home life but also the environmental lifestyle.

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