Tips in choosing antique solid Acacia wood flooring

Antique solid wood floorings have become bright spot for domestic use in the field of

hardwood floorings. In the face of so many wood flooring merchants who introduce

products with different quality, how should consumers distinguish and choose their ideal


Try: Consumers can take out a coin and scratch the surface of antique solid wood flooring.

If it is of high quality, as surface paint and primer are well-ashesive, the surface is seldom

damaged. Nevertheless, if it is poor quality, the surface would be depressed.

Look: For antique solid wood flooring with concavity, have a look at the edge in each side. If

the technique is good, the treatment level will be higher. Black side would be less. Then see

which wood species the antique solid wood flooring it is used, the surface thickness, and you

could differentiate the quality.

Compare: Consumers could compare the antique solid acacia wood flooring samples of several

brands. Try to compare their luster and texture, and plus the scratch experiment. Then

the quality of the antique solid wood floorings would be obvious for us to see. Moisture

content testing: antique solid wood floorings is a king of hardwood flooring. Therefore,

before purchasing, we should consult the shopkeepers about the moisture content in the

local area. Normally, it is 8% to 13%. Consumers should buy the floorings that are suitable

to the local moisture content.

Style selection: In terms of color, antique solid wood floorings are mainly divided into dark

color and light color. In terms of technique, they are mainly divided into cubic antique and

wire antique. Therefore, when choosing color and technique, it has at a great extent

determined the decoration style.

However, when selecting solid wood flooring, in order to pursue unity, many consumers

tend to buy the single variety or single color. But antique solid wood floorings are good at

its personality, consumers could choose the wood flooring according to the functions.

For example, in the bedroom of a child, we can choose vivid color. On the other hand, in the

study, we could choose deep color.

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