Floor maintenance: floor lacquer is the “face”

Good wood flooring care and maintenance lead a healthy life, good care for

consumerslaying wood flooring is an essential step. And first we must take care of the

lacquer surface of the floor, as the floor “face” plays an important role, in addition to show

the external appearance of the floor better, but also to show the charm of delicate beauty

of brand. But as the lacquer is different, maintenance methods are not the same.

First we begin with a wide paint and lacquet flooring, as the higher class of these two

lacquer coatings, its effectiveness is also very significant not only has good water

resistance, high temperature resistant performance, and has a gradient of natural features,

the color gradually turn from deep to light. But it is noteworthy that don’t use low-

temperature water to clean regularly.

The polyurethane painted flooring has a strong temperature resistance, corrosion

resistance and acid resistance and other characteristics. Generally it needs to bemaintained

every several months or half yearby using wax, usually in the course, using a soft towel or

cotton to erase the dust. But not water, avoid to wipe the liposomes on the surface, which

reduce the surface gloss.

Flooring lacquer is the “face” of hardwood flooring, everyone in daily life should be easy to

find the hardwood flooring becomes very old after a long use, maintain the gloss

lacquered flooring should be timely, so maintenance is no doubt the way to keep your

flooring eternal youth, but also extend the life of flooring.

Good flooring, good face, you deserve!

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