How to wax wood flooring

Gold maintenance tips

as more and more people are making home decoration  to build up warm family a top priority.As  every home decorating requirements is different, how to decorate the perfect home with limited budgets?

Owners prior to decoration are sure to make a good plan to better solve the problem of the renovation costs,  and this is the only way  to reduce costs as much as possible. Now, we specially illustrate you with the warmest home improvement information for your dressing out the most beautiful loving home.


Many people’s rooms are laid with the wood flooring, after a period of time  people have found that the flooring color turns black.Thus the wood floor maintenance is very necessary, waxing is a routine maintenance way.But how to wax the wood flooring, many people really do not know.


Whether it is new wood flooring without waxed or old cracked floor, during waxing process, first of all, the flooring surface should be clean and completely dry.

(1) at least three times waxing, every time use cloth without fluff or sanding machine to sand the floor, so that the wax oil will penetrate into the wood.

(2) If you want a glossy wood flooring,waxing every time should use the soft cloth lightly for the polishing.

(3) or use polyester amine floor wax, then use a clean brush to clean for three times, Pay special attention to the floor jointing.

(4) during waxing,  polish the surface with very fine sandpaper after drying , wipe and clean the surface, and then do the same for the second time.


According to the above maintenance flooring tips, we hope that everyone’s wood flooring will have good maintenance. Reducing the times of replacement of wood flooring, can effectively avoid the waste of money  and energy . More stable and better wood flooring,  more beautiful and warmer home.

how to maintain the hardwood flooring underfoot is a job for a long time, in order to build a warm home for the whole family.


More and more people begin to use the natural oil as one ways of the maintenance of wood flooring, not just using floor wax. The natural oil  could not only  conservate the wood flooring, but also  purify the air in the house.

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