Pay attention to five aspects on installation of hardwood acacia flooring

Hardwood flooring feels very comfortable, looks naturally beautiful, but is expensive.

For consumers who have a solid wood flooring,it is very unconomical to bear the bad

influence its usage life due to the improper installation.

There are five aspects on wood flooring installation that should be paid attention to.

First, be sure to check after finished the installation of joist.

Uneven ground can suspend part of the floor and wooden joist, when you step on it you

might hear an unpleasant sound. If the wood flooring is not firmly installed , it can also

come across the same situation, thus make sure to check it after installation. You can step

on the wooden joist, or shake the feet to make sure whether it is firm.

Second, don’t forget flat testing

After the installation of first row of floors, the installer should test flatness, if the wood

flooring is uneven, we need to adjust immediately, otherwise it will affect the upcoming

laying work. After installation, you’d better put a vertical ruler on the floor, to see if there

are gaps.

Third, drying and decay of joist

Generally, the qualified wood flooring moisture content is 12%, wood joist need to be

dried in order to avoid dampness which is caused by moisture difference. Solid wood

flooring is easy to be damaged by worms, so put camphor wood shavings in the joist,

normally, put 1000 g camphor wood shavings every eight square meters.

Fourth, pay attention to the color contrast of wood flooring in advance

The color of each piece of acacia flooring could be various, so it should be classed before

laying, pick out the similar color, and texture floor so that the overall effect will not be

much difference.

Five pay attention to the laying of underlayer foam

In order to avoid the water content of wall to affect wood floors, the laying of underlayer

foam should not only cover the entire wood joist, but also be sure that the underlayer foam

is 10cm away from the corners. Meanwhile, between the wall and the wood flooring

should stay out of the expansion joints, if it is too close, it may easy to distort

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