Restoration of hardwood flooring

 Hardwood floorings are soft, elegant and good-looking, but they are expensive. Their

wear resistance is poor. Thus, we should pay attention to them while using. Sometimes,

when we are careless and the solid wood flooring will be scratched, then how to restore


Restoration of hardwood floorings should be done according to the degree of


There are several ways to restore solid wood floorings. Coating restoration, restoration

on a certain area, restoration entirely. In terms of solid wood floorings, if it is just damaged

for a small area, we do not need to restore it. Instead, we can choose to put furniture or

carpet to cover the damaged area. If there are some minor scratches, we can invite the

after-sales staff in factory to restore by painting them. If they are damaged for a large

area, we have to install again. If the condition is more serious, we have to reinstall the floor.

details of restoring solid wood floorings

At first, although lacquered wood floorings can reach repair effect, we can not ensure that

we reach environmental protection standard. Therefore, we’d better invite after-sales

service staff to do lacquered restoration. We could ensure repair effect and environmental

pretection if we use specialized restoration paint or gel.

Next, for partial restoration, we should break those whihc need to replace, and then take

them out. We can use tools to chisel a gap between the floorings needed to replace, then

saw their surface, split them into pieces and get them out. During this peocess, we should

make sure that we would not damage the surrounding  hardwood flooring. After taking out

the floorings, we shall clean up the glue to ensure that the cleaned mortises are convenient

to install. If we do not clean them up, the seam will come to be unflat or untight. When

dealing with glue, we can use new floorings to slide on the joint to find out the remaining

vestige and keep the floorings good-looking.

Details needed to notice when replacing new solid wood floorings

Saw the rabbet of the second part of solid wood floorings and clean the whole rabbet. We

should preserve some room. Put glue onall sizes of the original and new rabbet, then put

them on the interspace. At first, we can put the angles of long size and short size to the

original rabbet, then press it and use specialized tools to smash it. Please aware that before

installation, we shall measure whether the length is the same as the new wood floorings.

If the new solid wood floorings are longer, we can shorten them. If they are shorter, we

have to change them, and this will cause losses.

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