Do not waste hardwood floor off cuts material

timber floor offcut

I used to see an old friend after hardwood flooring installation for his own house is going to throw away all hardwood flooring offcuts.I reminded him that it’s a pity that all such beautiful real tropical wood been throw away, and we could use such material to do something else!We search from magzine to find out how other people do with this hardwood flooring offcuts.Some exquisite chairs,flower racks,boxes etc are all made from such hardwood flooring off cuts,it is amazing!Some people put such hardwood flooring offcuts in thier baseroom and put some heavy groceries on it,some people use this materil make a hardwood pad so that they could put glass,or bowls or something else to fit on the wood pad…

During hardwood flooring instllation,if two end of the hardwood plank been cut off,it’ll be difficult to use the wood as FLOORING,as T&G joint system on two ends has been cut off,no where to joint the boards,therefore we could employ such material as wall paneling to match with the hardwood flooring we used in our home.

Usually 4-7% off cut will be left in 100m2 hardwood flooring after installation, this will be a huge waste calculated based on millions of people!If we could use such shorter offcut to put under some corner or under bed,we could save hundred dollars every time.A small movement but a big step to our saving worldwide.

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