Carbonized wood flooring

Advantages of carbonized hardwood flooring:

1.High Dampness Resistance

After timber treated by carbonized process,wood fiber becomes more intensify that water will be more difficult to penetreat into the wood material.

2.HIgh Fugi Restance

After treated by the super high temperature ,the organic content contained in the wood has been degraded that the fungi got no where to grow .


After timber carbonation,compress force inside the hardwood has been released,therefore the wood plank gets more stable after installation.

4.Warmth kepping

As widely know carbon content material,no matter bamboo carbon or wood carbon,all tend to abosord heat and keep warmth,particularly in cold winter.


1. Carbonized hardwood timber flooring lost its natural character because of the carbonization in heat,most of carbonized hardwood flooring are with dark color tone.

2.Carbonized hardwood floor is more hard than natural wood,it lost the natural sense when step on the floor comparing with common hardwood floors.

3.Carbonized hardwood lost natural smell of the wood.

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