Hardwood floor installation tips

1. Ununiform gap between hardwood floor board during installation is mostly resulted by Ignorance of workers or Unqualified wood floor board with errors on board dimensions.

2.Part of hardwood plank floor cupping is most likely casued by excessive dampness attck on part of the floor or over tight spacing between two hardwood planks.

3.Noise is normally areised by loose wood floor fixture ,nails,joist and hardwood floor are not tightly attached.It is also possible that floor board expand or contract during room moisture & temperature changes, or unqualified glue use.Therefore, balanced hardwood MC & qualified glue are very important for a successful hardwood floor installation.

4.Uneven hardwood acacia flooring surface should be traced back to uneven flooring base or hardwood strip flooring warp .When installation ,hardwood beam should be measured and leveled .Ventilation groove should be taken care of on wood joist.Hardwood floor board edge should be left 10mm spacing against the wall.Sound proof stuff should be properply dried in case of the dampness affects the wood floor.

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