Refinish of solid timber flooring

solid timber flooring refinish

Solid Hardwood timber flooring material is really durable for home use,most of which comes with more than 20 years residential warranties.To keep the fresh gloss of the beautiful wood ,refinish is necessary during such a long time use.Most of clients has no awareness of how to do the polish by themselves,we have some guides as following:

1. Remove all furnishings in your rooms like chairs,sofa,cabiniets.Take care of all sharp & hard objects during the remove in case of scratch and dent flaws occurs on the solid wooden floor surface.

2. The second step is to sand the solid wood floor board where refresh is needed.Sometimes,maybe your whole room flooring or most of the part on the flooring need to be refinished,this way, you ‘ll have to look for a sanding machine to do the job ,it’ll save your budget on hiring workers.

3. After sanding work done,use vacuum machine to clean all the debris & dust satying on sanded wood floor surface. Mop this area several times to keep the sanded flooring as clean as possible before applying new painting. This step is very important as new finish will not works well if sanding & cleaning are not properly done.

4.Then Rolling the primer coating firstly on the unfinished floor board before real painting.Take care of even rolling ,then same with painting.

5.Painting is not like transparent varnish,normally the new painting will stain the timber board wtih comparatively new look,and all color tend to be uniform.The painting process must be done after first primer coating completely dried.

6.The last step will be varnish coating on painting.To achive the best result of new look as well as long time use. We recommend four times clear varnish to be applied on the painting in second step.The last advice on the solid timber floor repolishing is that 100% make sure all varnish has been completly dried before move all your furnishings into your room!

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