Wood Species-Santos Mahogany


Santos Mahogany


Cross Section:Diffuse-porous wood,distinct difference exists between sapwood and heart wood.The heart wood is reddish brown to purplish red brown with stripe of light color.The sapwood is nearly white. No obvious annual ring, slightly fragrance.There is resin blackspot sometimes. Cross lamination grain,fine and even structure. Drying shrinkage: 1.8% warp shrinkage rate,3.5% chordwise shrinkage rate. Air-dry density: 0.851.03g/cm3.

 Property of Santos Mahogany Wood

Medium air shrinkage,heavy,high intensity&hardness,good resistance to insect.The sapwood is hard to be impregnated by preservatives.It is uneasy to process into wood timber.The cutting section is smooth and hard to be painted.

Utility of Santos Mahogany Wood

It is suitable for making wood flooring,pole, sleeper,jamb,furniture,joinery,boat, farm tools,toolholders,carvings, car spin product and plywood etc.

 Characteristics of Growth

Santos mahogany is one of leguminosae from South America.As known to us,in western countries,this kind of tree is usually called Quina.It replace balsam pear which is the source material as perfume.They can grow as tall as 30M with white flowers of yellow stamen.


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