Some timber species which are easily to be faked

Termilania VS Taun

Above two species both originated from Southeast Aisa Region,they are very similar in appearance, both in color & grain.As geniune taun in hardwood floor is 5USD/M2 higher Termilania,the merchandiser always play tricks to sell termilania instead of Taun.So before purchase pls insist on supplier present each psecies a sample and make sure the difference.

Garapa VS Guantawbu

Prefinished Garapa & Guantawbu if with stined color will be very close in appearance.When come to unfinished ,if examine carefully,the grain of Garapa is more uniform than Guantawbu.Genuine Guantawbu is 25USD/M2 HIGHER in cost than Garapa.That’s why so many faked Guantawbu prevailling in the market.

Plantation Teak VS Burma Teak VS Thailand Teak

Thailand teak is prohibited for exporting in a few days ago,now any so called Thailand teak solid wood floor is faked.Even burma teak is getting less and less ,therefore the cost keep on rise in recent years.Now geniuine burma teak solid wood floor wholesale price is nearly 75USD/M2.Other palntaion teak from Indonesia or Malaysia will be at around 10USD/M2 below burma teak.Genuine burma teak touchs with a feel of heavy oile,smells sour,most with straight grain.

Printed Surface Solid wood floor VS Real wood

Some clients prefer very unform color & gain solid hardwood floor,it is so called Pure A Grade hardwood. To reduce the cost the merchandiser will sell printed hardwood floor instead of 100% real wood.Printed hardwood looks very unform in color & grain without natural color difference.In short,geniune solid timber floor nealy every piece is more or less different from the other,it represents the natural beauty.

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