Solid Timber floors Installation on Site

Since a successful solid timber floors installation is critical to enjoy the hardwood beauty with less troubles after job done,China C&L hardwood feel obligated to post some tips in datials for those clients who are concerning on the solid timber floor installations.

1. Before solid timber floor board installation,hardwood beam under the floor board should be brushed with preservative chemical painting to prevent the termite attack in future.

2.Nail down the floor board onto hardwood beams from wood plank edges into middle,a space of 5-10mm should be left against the wall in case of wood floor movement after sealing the edges.

3.Hardwood floor board should be tightly fixed ,and when people step on it,no noise should be heard.

4.In High traffic area ,like dancing floor,use 18mm thickness plywood base to be placed on the hardwood beam will make the hardwood floor more stable and comfortable when you walk on it.

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