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Are there any worms in the wood of your house?

If we discover worms in the wood floorings, we should replace them partly. Otherwise, the worms would spread around. Then, why the wood floorings would have worms? The reasons why wood floorings have worms are as followed: wood floorings themselves do not deal with the worms inside when they are dried under high temperature. Under normal circumstances, worms would hatch half a year later. Keels are not qualified. As we do not deal with drying and worm-killing, the wood would produce more and more worms. Therefore, it is recommended that we should check clearly. It takes half a year that the worms come out. The hatchery period is also half a year. If a year has past, it is possible that other worms would come. If the keel has worms itself, and we do not find out, the conditions will be more and more severe. Maybe the operators put the insect-resist agents under the plastic film, the agents can not play their roles perfectly. Normally, it is plain plate that appear worms. The unlacquered hardwood floorings would not have worms.   Technical problem may be one of the reasons that would have worms, but not all the worms are produced in wood. As for qualified  hardwood floorings, they would not have worms normally. Then what are other reasons? As domestic decoration have to use many wood floorings and chipboard, many of them are easy to have worms when they meet with suitable temperature, humidity and non- professional insect-resist dealing. Besides, worms can easily damage wood. It is undoubtably that insects is the key invader. Therefore, when the wood floorings have worms, only can we control them that we can treat the worms. Another phenomenon is that the worms actually come from under the hardwood floorings. However, it is not surely the fault of wood floorings. Many consumers are care about the quality when installing, but they ognore the quality of keel. If the keel have high moisture content, or the woods do not do insect-resist agents, it may cause unexpected effect.  

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Plantation Teak VS Natural Burma Teak

Most of us learned that teak hardwood is nearly the best wood material in regular supply for solid wood flooring.Actually only true natual forest burma teak is regarded as the best one. Why? With constant rise of burma teak raw … Continue reading

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Hardwood floor installation tips

1. Ununiform gap between hardwood floor board during installation is mostly resulted by Ignorance of workers or Unqualified wood floor board with errors on board dimensions. 2.Part of hardwood plank floor cupping is most likely casued by excessive dampness attck … Continue reading

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Naildown or Glue Down for solid wood floor?

Sometimes it ‘s  a headache for the consumers to install solid hardwood timber flooring. Gluedown or Naildown? In South China, most of consumers would hire professional worker to install solid hardwood floors. A good installer is a key factor to … Continue reading

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