What to take care of before buy solid wood floor?

How to choose the hardwood flooring to your best budget?

Which points need to be taken care of ,pls check the following point from C&L hardwood team:

1. Weight&Hardness

Generally ,harder & big density timber has better stability than lighter and soft wood.For example, Ipe,cumaru,Okan & Iroko is bigger in density comparing with tauri,Ash,birch,therefore wood floor like ash,tauari,birch are more like to cup or expand between borad to board.Usually the timber with AD ABOVE 0.8g/cm3,will be qualitfied.However, it does not necessarily means the harder & heavier the better,wood with a density above 1g/cm3 will be more like to have small cracks on surface.

2. Oil Content

If the unfinshed timber flooring ,like brazilian walnut,teak,okan touchs oily,the solid timber floor will be more likely to have better stability and not easily to have crack.

3. Moderate Color Tone

Solid timber floor like brazilian cherry,brazilian walnut with a dark original color tone,samples always has big difference wirh big consigment,
Only all stained with dark color,it could be uniform.
Stained oak,okan,tali are usually with more uniform color tones.

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