Solid timber floor,low end, medium or high end?

As  solid hardwood acacia flooring  get involved in too many different wood speices. For common consumers it is pretty difficult to distinguish which wood in what quality.C&L hardwood classified the common wood used as solid wood floor as following:

1. Low end hardwood : Price below 25USD/M2 * Taun * Kruing

2. Medium hardwood : Price Below 35USD/M2 * Ash * Okan * Tauari * Iroko * Ulin * Big leaf acacia* Chestnut*

3. Medium to High end Hardwood : Price Below 45USD/M2 * Brazilian Cherry * Cumaru* Oak * Mahogany *Taiwan Acacia* Chinese Teak *

4. High End Hardwood : Price Above 60USD/M2 * Santos Mahogany * Brazilian Walnut * Burma Teak *

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