Walnut flooring,false or true?

Walnut hardwood floors is always a popular words in wood flooring market.

To attract consumer’s attention many different wood whose timber species has no relation with genuine walnut wood have been crowned as “walnut”,like Asian walnut,Manchurian Walnut,Burama Walnut,Red Walnut,African Walnut.

Actually, American Walnut in North America Origin in Chinese Market is regarded as the Genuine Walnut.Solid American walnut flooring is price at 60-65USD(No Vat in China)

As for Other so called walnut,it is easily to be distinguished,  Asian walnut = Acacia, Manchurian Walnut = Catalpa Wood, Burma Walnut =TERMINALIATOMENTOSA

In Cost :  American Walnut>Burma Walnut>Manchurian Walnut>Asian Walnut

There is report that Manchurian Walnut is more valuable than American Walnut ,as it is Grown up in North China,the cost is underestimated.

Burma Walnut is a very hard wood,with similar strait grain to American Walnut, at least 50% harder on Janka Rate, 40% more on density.

When come to choose Walnut solid timber floor, the best cost effective plan will be acacia walnut ,which has golden grain as well as significant density and hardness.Engineered American Walnut is nearly in same price range as solid acacia walnut.


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