Naildown or Glue Down for solid wood floor?

Sometimes it ‘s  a headache for the consumers to install solid hardwood timber flooring.

Gluedown or Naildown?

In South China, most of consumers would hire professional worker to install solid hardwood floors. A good installer is a key factor to avoid the future problem occurs on hardwood floorings.

Mostly in China people choose plywood under floor  or hardwood beam by naildown with the nail machine.Glue is necessary to use after naildown bwtween two wood plank to enhance the stability .

Some special wood like teak can be installed by floating as this timber floor is naturally stable under various extrem conditions like underground heating or extrem dumpness.

Common wood like cumaru,taun,oak,Iroko etc better use nail down onto hardwood joist as these wood flooring material shrinkage is apparently severe than some top quality wood like teak,padauk etc.


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