Laminate wood flooring ,what to take care of before purchase?

With continual increase of hardwood timber material cost in current worldwide low ecnomic situation,laminate wood flooirng is becoming the first choice for most of the buyers.

Simply to say ,laminate wood flooring is constrcuted by three layers:

1. Surface decorative paper , after impregnated with high traffic resistant hardened chemicals, to be sued as the face side  of laminate wood flooring.This side is the most important,which decide how long the flooring can be used .High quality laminate wood flooring is meaured by AC1-AC5 as wear resistance rating. AC3AC4 is mostly choosed as public place decoration,the rating reachs 4000-6000R according to the standard in China.

2. HDF/MDF core. laminate wood flooring core is made of HDF or MDF, 8mm laminate flooring mostly use MDF core to suite the bottom balance paper and rubber back while 12mm laminate flooring employ HDF(density 0.7-0.75g/cm3) whose strenth is much better than in 8mm.Lamiante flooring core quality can be very differnet depend on formaldehyde emission standard,density,purity,colors etc.High quality laminate wood flooring core reachs E0-E1 emission standard in formaldehyde with unform white color and high density, edge sealed by wax with high water proof properties.

3. Balance back. Laminate wood flooring usually with rubber or vinyl back as balance layer.The rubber back attached  type is convinient when come to installation,floating down will be OK.Some” uni-click “type laminate flooring is glueless when come to isntallation,”tap and go” is become a selling point for the advanced tech manuafcturers.

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