Foshan wood flooring Industry

Most of importers know that Foshan is one of the biggest building material manufacturing  base in China.The totoal GDP exceed 80 trilion CNY this city alone.

Actually wood flooring industry in Foshan is comparatively weaker than ceramic ,furniture,metal,chemicals industries here.

Foshan Chuanglin Wood Flooring Firm is eadeavoring to be the best exporter of hardwood acacia flooring in Foshan Wood Flooring Industry Ecnomy.

We supply wood flooring from Foshan headoffice with very very competitive price and a wide range of types like solid wood flooring,laminate wood flooring,engineered wood flooring and deck wood flooring.

Among all wood flooring types and suppliers in Foshan, our solid hardwood flooing is the most competitive in varieties and cost.Therefore, in the past few years we served quite a few big projectors from Australia,India,Europ and Canada.

In recent years, the wood flooring Industry in Jiangsu dominate the national market with biggest share,whose manufacturing facility also the most advanced in China. Foshan Chuanglin Wood Flooring Firm established a sourcing office in the heart of Nanxun where thoudsand wood flooring factories gather.

If you are looking for good supplier of wood flooring in Foshan,come to our company or send us inquiry to see what we could do!


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