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Factors that determine the price of wood floorings

As domestic used decoration materials, wood floorings are very popular among proprietors. Meanwhile, the price of wood floorings have occupied a large proportion among the house. Thus, most consumers would be cautious about it. What on earth have determined the price of wood floorings. The price of laminate flooring The price of laminate  floorings is determined by the quality of base material, wear- resisting layer, patterned paper, skirtings etc. The competition, especially the price is very severe in the market nowadays. Consumers regarded laminate flooring as luxury goods when they were first appeared. At that time, market price of solid wood floorings is 120 to 150yuan/sqm. However, imported laminate flooring is more than 300yuan/sqm in the domestic market. Besides, demands exceed supply. As foreign brands laminate wood floorings become more and more popular in the domestic market, Chinese factories have brought in advanced technologies, equipment, and production line from foreign countries. In three or four years, domestic laminate wood floorings have play a dominant role in the market. Due to the increasing production, prices of laminate wood floorings go down. With the development of technology   and growing use of domestic raw material, the cost of laminate wood floorings decreased. The prices reduce from several hundred  RMB to several dozens RMB, which makes laminate wood floorings as affordable products to the civilians. Nowadays, laminate wood floorings have become economic decoration materials. The price is low. Home-made laminate wood floorings are 70 to 120RMB/sqm. Laminate wood floorings are different according to the thickness. Recently, many foreign brands are in domestic market. Imported laminate flooring are 130 to 300  RMB/sqm.   The price of Hardwood flooring The price of   hardwood floorings is decided by the materials. Rareness of material is … Continue reading

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The different views in color contrast of wood flooring

The color contrast of the wood flooring is mainly because that the sapwood is light color and the heartwood is darker color.   As a result, there is difference in colors between the sapwood and the heartwood, between the young wood and the old wood.The color contrast in wood grain creates the unique  beauty of wood grain in wood flooring. And this is a beauty of the wood from nature. In  western countries like EU and USA, people there prefer this unique wood grain and color  contrast of hardwood flooring, not requiring the consistent color for the wood flooring. Therefore, in the national standard for hardwood flooring  & engineered wood flooring in China, the color contrast is not a problem in quality. However, in Asian countries, especially east Asian and middle Asia, people there just like consistent color of wood flooring due to the culture. No knots,no sapwood, but just one  color for all the wood flooring boards. In their eyes, the color difference is totally a serious problem in quality. Thus, we have to know well the market of our wood floorings, based on this different views of people on the color contrast, for example, acacia wood flooring is very popular in North America, merbau wood flooring and kempas wood flooring is popular in asian countries.  

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China Wood Flooring Prospect

From 1980s up to now, Chinese flooring industry has came through more than 30 years. It develops rapidly although it started late with incomplete foundation. In 30 years, Chinese wood flooring industry has became a industry with various products of … Continue reading

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2012 China timber flooring market trends

  I. Small flooring brands suffering the pain As the increasingly fierce competition in the timber flooring market today, Flooring  industry is experiencing shuffle. Many small-medium brandnames were extruded and devoured by the big brands.A lot of Flooring enterprises are … Continue reading

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  In Recent years, bamboo flooring with its critical feature-environment-friendly brings up in our daily life and set its status firmly in the market. Together with the rising concept of health household, consumers would like to pay more attention to … Continue reading

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China solid timber flooring market share drop

China  solid timber flooring once occupied 20% share in American timber flooring market, Europe and some of the other big international market, However during the recent three years, situations began to change.On one hand ,price is a problem , North … Continue reading

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China parquet flooring leading international market

  In the first half of year 2012, the market of America,Canada,Japan & England take 75% of the total wood flooring exporting amount. From the view of varieties, parquet flooring is leading the market share by 70% in total amount.Currently … Continue reading

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International Timber Market Price Trend

With the development of enterprises & new company staff expanding,changes is going to happen.This is the way we called”natural development”.After certain period of time the culture should adjusted to sustain the organization development,this is the way we called “manageable changes”. … Continue reading

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Handscraped wood flooring glory dying off

  When the concept handscraped hardwood flooring was firstly brought into the market of china,it is crowned as the descriptive names such as “pure hand-made”,”originally imported” etc.Therefore the handscraped flooring styles are considered as high end profucts.With more manufactuers catch … Continue reading

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Laminate flooring elimination

There is a trend that laminate wood flooring will fall out of the market? Is it true?Let’s see the following three big reasons from some expert: I. 90% houses after interior decoration,the air quality are below national standard. Many clients tend to choose well … Continue reading

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