Iroko – Best selection of solid wood flooring

Iroko wood flooring has been the best selection, but also the best choiceforunder floor

heating, Iroko Hardwood flooring is industry recognized stable and less deformed best to

under floor heating. Species in the world, followed the principal of “survival of the fittest”,

the wide using of a certain kind of wood leads its scarcity, Iroko depends on its remarkable

advantage, exudes its energy, it sends wonderful home life to countless families. Iroko

wood flooring with shiny, no special odor, its texture staggered, fine and uniform

distribution of thestructure, is regarded as the finest wood flooring material. Heartwood is

golden brown orreddish-brown, wood stability, abrasion resistance and resistance to

termites, while theweight of the wood is also very impressive, “heavy” is synonymous with

Iroko, while air-dry density of 1.07g/cm ³ great shrinkage, strength high (compressive

strength parallel tograin 76.1Mpa, flexural strength 128.9Mpa). Irokois mainly produced in

Gabon and Congo,Gabon, which produces particularly valuable. Tropical rainforest climate

vagaries Ashantiplateau, mostly in the equatorial average temperature above 40 ℃,

precipitationdifferences are significant. Complex climate makes Iroko not only has a wide

range of adaptability and stability, but it accumulated unique charm given by environment.

Iroko’sunique charm is reflected not only in the natural features, and deep color and high

density,from the inside out beauty of classical art exudes an atmosphere of oriental


However, as a high-grade furniture,Iroko, with a good anti-wear, compression, anti-

temperature properties of a selection was promoted to under floor heating, making a large

amount of factory crazy. Although the density of Irokois relatively high, even minor hit a

few basic does not appear any pits, strong anti-strike capability. This is a big advantage

ofIroko, but also the biggest disadvantage, a direct result of excessive density flooring

makes foot feeling bad, too much strength and hardness is not conducive to the daily lives

of elder and children.

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