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What Makes Acacia Hardwood Flooring a Lovely Choice

Unlike artificial materials, wood grows itself from trees and use maximum percentage of carbon dioxide as they grow. In the life time of the hardwood floor, there is ample of time for newly grown trees to develop fully and replace … Continue reading

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Durable Acacia Flooring Comes with Outstanding Stability

It you are looking for wooden flooring that is much durable and harder in comparison to American hardwood, then use of Acacia also known as Asian walnut flooring is best option. This flooring option has become most demandable due to … Continue reading

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Common potential problems of flooring installation and solutions

Many people admire hardwood Timber flooring but not everyone could afford it because of the high price . The question is: is hardwood flooring perfect? As we know, every coin has two sides. Today,we will indicate the potential problem of … Continue reading

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Advantages of multilayer parquet

First, look at eco-mark In the production process, some of adhesive that contain formaldehyde might be used, it is harmful to human health, if the content of harmful substances exceed national standards, will have an impact on human health, therefore, … Continue reading

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cost and performance comparison on hardwood flooring,engineered wood flooring & laminated flooring

Nowadays timber flooring available in the market is no longer limited to solid wood flooring, but rather the concept of a class, including many varieties of wood flooring. Currently in the building materials market, wood flooring mainly contains hardwood flooring, … Continue reading

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What should be noticed when choosing the wide plank wood flooring

When choosing the wide plank wood flooring, we should pay attention to the following aspects. to choose combining with the room area The wide plank wood flooring, their style and performance especially to attract the attention of consumers. But for … Continue reading

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What standards we should consider when choosing wood floorings

There are a few standards that you could refer: 1. Moisture Content: Generally speaking, timber flooring distributors should have moisture content testing equipment. International standard of MC is 8% to 13%. Moisture content which has a 2% gap is regarded … Continue reading

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Tips in oiled or lacquered flooring cleaning

When choosing a detergent, many housewives are taking for granted that the higher strength, the better effect of removing stains. In fact, this is not the case, many items cannot be washed with the strong detergent, which will easily damage … Continue reading

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Pay attention to floor maintenance

As it is dry in autumn and winter, people’s face would be chapped. At this time we usually choose to use moisturizing mask so as to solve the skin problem. Then, should the timber flooring under our foot also wear … Continue reading

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What is wide plank wood flooring and its pros and cons

As the standard of living has been significantly improved, consumers’ demand for high quality living conditiona becomes higher and higher. the concept of home ia clearer in modern life, and the residential area is also gradually expanding to meet the … Continue reading

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