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How to wax wood flooring

Gold maintenance tips as more and more people are making home decoration  to build up warm family a top priority.As  every home decorating requirements is different, how to decorate the perfect home with limited budgets? Owners prior to decoration are … Continue reading

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The quality and installation of wood floorings are important, so are the accessories

During installation of wood flooring, the inner quality and installation method are significant. However, problems about paint, glue, underlayer, skirting are ignored. If these seemingly simple accessories are unsafe and unenvironmental-friendly, then they would influence the whole surroundings of the … Continue reading

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Wood flooring and udnerfloor heating system

Radiant flooring is also known as low-temperature radiant heating flooring, it is provided with a radiant floor heating system laid on wooden floors.People also name it as the under heated wood flooring, or simply the heating floor. This type of … Continue reading

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kiln drying approach of solid wood flooring

Frequently used kiln drying approaches of solid wood flooring  and its applicable conditions Frequently used kiln drying approaches are: normal steam drying, furnace gas drying, hot air drying, dehumilification drying, vacuum drying, and the popular hot water and high temperature … Continue reading

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Moisture content, kiln drying purposes of solid wood flooring

Solid wood flooring normally uses broad leaf hardwood. Middle and high grade solid wood flooring mainly use high-quality imported timbers. Reasonable production procedures are: 1  machine the log into slab, 2 wax the plate end to avoid crack at first, 3 … Continue reading

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Iroko – Best selection of solid wood flooring

Iroko wood flooring has been the best selection, but also the best choiceforunder floor heating, Iroko Hardwood flooring is industry recognized stable and less deformed best to under floor heating. Species in the world, followed the principal of “survival of … Continue reading

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Advantages and disadvantages of the Maple wood flooring

Maple wood flooring which is often used for cement floors and walls, is belong to the temperate zone timber, there are two kinds, soft Maple and hard Maple. They are the one of common wood floorings we can see in … Continue reading

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How to get rid of foot sounds on wood flooring?

In some family, after home decoration, the wood floorings would produce sounds more or less when walking on them. Therefore, what is the reasons that result in the sounds?   In fact,  under heating system and wood floorings are closely related with each other. We should observe how the sounds are produced. If we tread on one place, it makes a sound, tread again, and sound again continuously, then we could sure that theunder heating system and the mortise are not fixed enough, or the mortise materials are too short, so that the under heating system could rope them. There are few approaches that can deal with the problems. Even though we can relieve them, we could not get rid of the roots. There is only one method. We should refix the under heating system and reinstall the wood floorings, which is troubling. Everyone is unwilling to do that. Only pay attention to these technics and approaches before installation can we avoid the sounds. 1  Before installing the under heating system, we usually use 12mm hammer to drill the holes. 2  Then the mortise should be a square that is 18 to 20mm or more. We can not easily drill the holes. Otherwise, the mortise shrink in a few days. 3  Wooden tongue rammed earth material is harder than under heating system material, then the hard wood contractile force is small. The under heating system is not easy to pull … Continue reading

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lacquered wood floorings better or natural oiled wood floorings ?

In China, wood flooring companies often paint the surface when processing. However, European companies like to use natural oil painting. Why? First, it is the matter of aesthetics. In early times, people think that wood floorings with good luster, smoothness, hardness and strong painting surface are favorable. Later, they discovered antique floorings, which makes advancement in aesthetics. Nevertheless, foreigners think that feelings are very important. You can take off you shoes and have a try. You would find that the feeling of bare foot on flat floors and natural oil floors are different. Paint film floors are sticky, while natural oil floors are more comfortable and natural, especially in summer. Nowadays, some of the companies in our country began to learn European enterprises. They use natural oil to paint the surface. This kind of wood floorings feel beautiful and soft. Second, it is the matter of wood flooring management. In the eyes of most people, the lacquered surface is better to manage than the natural oil surface. Really? In fact, foreigners have gone through this problems. No matter how well we paint the wood floorings, after few years frition, the wood floorings would have more and more scratches. With time go by, you would feel worse and worse so that you would like to replace them. But it consumes much energy to replace the  hardwood floorings. Then can you imagine how the foreigners would do? They would clean the floors well, find several pieces of sandpapers, and sand them. Then they brush some natural oil. One or two days later, you would find it more tasteful. Although ten years have past, there would be no place that is damaged. You only to find it more antique. However, paint surface can not do this. Third, it is the matter of environmental concept. To sum up, UV painting is environmental. It can reach country’s standard. But it does not mean there is no toxic content inside. It just contains a little. We have to see what paint you would use. On the other hand, natural oil is distilled from plants. Pure natural oil does no harm to people. Surely, in order to reduce cost, some people add some chemical products into it. As long as you smell it, you would feel tense. The installation of natural oiled hardwood floorings is simple. Thus, the production cost is lower than paint. But we have to pay attention to the quality of natural oil. So far, people have a simple understanding on natural oiled hardwood flooring s. Merchants have to guide them. Maybe some special group are suitable to this concept. We believe that in the future, more and more people would accept it. It is a trend.

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Are there any worms in the wood of your house?

If we discover worms in the wood floorings, we should replace them partly. Otherwise, the worms would spread around. Then, why the wood floorings would have worms? The reasons why wood floorings have worms are as followed: wood floorings themselves do not deal with the worms inside when they are dried under high temperature. Under normal circumstances, worms would hatch half a year later. Keels are not qualified. As we do not deal with drying and worm-killing, the wood would produce more and more worms. Therefore, it is recommended that we should check clearly. It takes half a year that the worms come out. The hatchery period is also half a year. If a year has past, it is possible that other worms would come. If the keel has worms itself, and we do not find out, the conditions will be more and more severe. Maybe the operators put the insect-resist agents under the plastic film, the agents can not play their roles perfectly. Normally, it is plain plate that appear worms. The unlacquered hardwood floorings would not have worms.   Technical problem may be one of the reasons that would have worms, but not all the worms are produced in wood. As for qualified  hardwood floorings, they would not have worms normally. Then what are other reasons? As domestic decoration have to use many wood floorings and chipboard, many of them are easy to have worms when they meet with suitable temperature, humidity and non- professional insect-resist dealing. Besides, worms can easily damage wood. It is undoubtably that insects is the key invader. Therefore, when the wood floorings have worms, only can we control them that we can treat the worms. Another phenomenon is that the worms actually come from under the hardwood floorings. However, it is not surely the fault of wood floorings. Many consumers are care about the quality when installing, but they ognore the quality of keel. If the keel have high moisture content, or the woods do not do insect-resist agents, it may cause unexpected effect.  

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