Advantages and disadvantages of the Maple wood flooring

Maple wood flooring which is often used for cement floors and walls, is belong to the

temperate zone timber, there are two kinds, soft Maple and hard Maple. They are the

one of common wood floorings we can see in the market.


Advantages of the Maple wood flooring

1)      Changeable beautiful texture, delicate, it seems quiet and elegant after installed.

2)      Good toughness, moderate hardness, to be wood flooring is very practical.

3)      Colors are relatively strong, suitable for the young to pursue minimalist modern

style, can make the room look clean and not crowded.


Disadvantages of the Maple wood flooring:

1)      The color of maple flooring is shallow, very easy to be dirty, so need to spend more

time to clean the floors.

2)      with moderate hardness, so the maple hardwood flooring is not wear-resisting, so if the family

require relatively high hardness for flooring, should carefully choose.

3)      The color of Maple flooring is light, and the light-colored wood floors are very easy to

be dirty, so when buying the Maple flooring, people need to consider the home decor, floor

cleaning frequency and other factors.

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