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Causes and solutions of local wood floorings arch camber

Local arch camber of wood floorings always trouble owners. What on earth would cause this phenomenon and how to avoid it? Reasons why  wood floorings would cause local arch camber: First, moisture contents of the surface layer are a little higher or lower than normal conditions. When it is a little higher,  hardwood floorings would loose moisture in the dry air. The fracture would shrink, crack and deform. When it is a little lower, hardwood  floorings absorb moisture after installation. Thus, it would cause local arch camber.   Second, if stone concrete or heat-preserved sound insulation material between the wooden joist are not dry enough, hardwood floorings would camber or deform after installation.   Third, if the floors are not installed with skirtings or vent, the moisture inside can not expel after installation. Forth, if the subfloor do not have gap or just have few, surface layer would camber or deform after damp expansion. In order to prevent arch camber or deformation, we should pay attention to several points when installing. First, control the moisture content, less than 12% Second, stone concrete or heat-preserved and sound insulation material between the wooden joists should be dried before installtion. Third, set the vent reasonably. The grooves should be open to each other and connected with the surface layer. There should be more than 2 vents in every room and every skirting board. The vents must be well-ventilated. Forth, We should open the gap of subboards. Normally, it is 2mm to 5mm. The surface should be planed and staggered. There should be a distance of 10mm to 15mm between the walls. Fifth, there should be a 10mm gap between the surface layer and the wall, and use skirtingboards or skirting to seal them.

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How To Clean Engineered Wood Floors?

Engineered wood floors, laminate wood floors, snap-in wood floors, whatever name the manufacturer chooses to use, these floors have exploded in popularity. The boards are comprised of a type of press board, covered with a thin veneer of real wood. This two-ply construction allows the boards to breathe a bit, expanding and contracting with minimal exposure to humidity. They are easy to install, requiring few tools. The laminates come in a variety of woods, tones, and shapes. Once installed, they are a durable, beautiful, affordable addition to any home. With proper cleaning and maintenance, engineered wood floors will last many years. Follow these easy steps to keep the floor looking and functioning well. Spills Clean spills as soon as they occur. Just like hardwood floors, engineered wood floors are not designed for prolonged exposure to moisture. Additionally, some liquids can stain the laminate floor if they are left in place too long as they can work their way in between the layers of particleboard and veneer. Once this occurs, it is necessary to replace the stained boards, rather than to try to clean the stain. Area Rugs Area rugs are an excellent way to protect the high-traffic areas of the floor from hazards such as high heels and damaging scuffmarks. However, they can also trap fine dirt and dust onto the floor. Lift areas rugs and clean under them regularly. This dirt can scratch the floor every time someone steps on the area rug if it is not removed regularly. For floors that lead to an outside exit, consider placing mats, both inside and outside the door. This will help to remove excess dirt from shoes, prior to entering the house and stepping on the laminate floor. Sweep Regularly Use a soft bristled broom or a dust mop to sweep the floor two or three times per week.  This activity will prevent larger dirt particles from begin ground into and scratching the surface of the floor. It will also remove finer dirt that can act as sandpaper to the floor’s  finish if subjected to heavy foot traffic. If there are pets in the house, this is especially  beneficial to keep the dust bunnies at bay. Vacuum Use a soft brush vacuum cleaner to vacuum the floor once a week. This activity will remove the finer particles of dirt and dust that can accumulate in the cracks and floor joints. If left unattended, dirt and dust could compromise the floor’s seal, causing the  boards to shift or buckle. Light Mop Periodically, the floor will appear soiled even with regular sweeping and vacuuming. When  the floor’s shine begins to dull use a damp mop and a small amount of cleaner. It will help to  restore the floor to its original luster. The key to this deeper cleaning is that the mop must be  damp, not soaking wet. The goal is to remove the thin layer of film, not to soak the wood  thoroughly. The floor should be slightly damp while mopping and thoroughly dry within  … Continue reading

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How to Repair a Solid Wood Floor

Solid wood floors, while long-lasting, can be damaged. Scratches, nicks and gouges out of the wood are the most common issues facing solid wood flooring. Other issues may include warping, squeaky or loose boards as well as actual holes in the floor. In cases of severe damage, planks may need to be entirely replaced rather than just repaired. If the floor is warped or has holes, replacement will definitely be necessary. Most other common problems can be solved by refinishing Instructions 1Sweep the floor. Before you can repair a solid wood floor, the surface must be entirely clean. Sweep the floor and pickup any debris with a dust pan. If the floor is very dirty, you may need to use a damp cloth to pick up the dirt. If you do end up using a damp cloth, you must wait until the floor is absolutely dry before proceeding. 2Sand down the damaged spot on the wood. Extend the area out several inches around the damage to make sure that the finished result is as seamless as possible. Use a medium or heavy grade sandpaper. If the gouges are very deep, you may need to use a belt sander. Make sure that the entire area is smoothed out and that the damage is no longer visible. 3Clean up the dust from sanding. Sanding produces a great deal of dust that will need to be completely cleaned up before you can refinish the flooring. Use a broom and a dustpan to get the majority cleaned up, and if necessary, wipe down the area with a damp cloth and allow it to dry. The area should be free of all dust. 4Stain the sanded area. Using the same stain that was previously used on your flooring, or one that matches as closely as possible, stain the newly sanded surface. Use a paint brush for smaller areas, or a larger roller applicator for large areas. Work with the grain of the wood. Apply a light coat and allow it six to eight hours to dry. If the color is too light, apply more coats as necessary until the flooring matches. 5Clear coat the spot. In order to prevent future damage, clear coat polyurethane should be applied over the stain. Once again, use a paint brush and apply a very thin coat to the area. Allow this spot six to eight hours to dry. If you notice any bubbles or rough spots, the area will need to be lightly sanded and clear coat will need to be reapplied. Allow the fixed spot 12 hours to dry completely after the last coat before allowing foot traffic on the spot.

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Exclusive Attention Should Be Put on Your Laminate Flooring

  Exclusive Attention Should Be Put on Your Laminate Flooring Elegance and reasonable price are two deep images for laminate flooring, but as time lasts, your laminate flooring would lose its original gloss, so exclusive attention should be put on … Continue reading

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Reveal the secret of “ghost” solid wood flooring

Reveal the secret of “ghost” solid wood flooring   Chinese wood flooring market grows rapidly along with brand building, production craft, and technology innovation. Especially under the strengthened force of leading company which strictly focus on quality and good faith, Chinese … Continue reading

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  In Recent years, bamboo flooring with its critical feature-environment-friendly brings up in our daily life and set its status firmly in the market. Together with the rising concept of health household, consumers would like to pay more attention to … Continue reading

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Wide board wood flooring favored by consumers

  I have a freind who owned a house of 60M2 which need to be rennovated,she is busy on searching a suitable wood flooring style to match her peroperty.Which style timber flooring to purchase has not been finalized yet.She happen to … Continue reading

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Handscraped wood flooring glory dying off

  When the concept handscraped hardwood flooring was firstly brought into the market of china,it is crowned as the descriptive names such as “pure hand-made”,”originally imported” etc.Therefore the handscraped flooring styles are considered as high end profucts.With more manufactuers catch … Continue reading

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Timber floor prices formulation

In these days the overall timber flooring market competition is very intensive,however  we can see current wood floor material demand is comparatively slack in the international flooring market.Every wood flooring enterprise is striving to suvive in the harsh wood flooring … Continue reading

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Timber flooring sale – Online plus Branch Store

With china timber flooring sales channels in quickly development,now nearly every timber flooring enterprise in China has built up its own wedsite while those who could really use E-business channel to do the marketing are very few.Traditional timber flooring marketing … Continue reading

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