The quality and installation of wood floorings are important, so are the accessories

During installation of wood flooring, the inner quality and installation method are

significant. However, problems about paint, glue, underlayer, skirting are ignored. If these

seemingly simple accessories are unsafe and unenvironmental-friendly, then they would

influence the whole surroundings of the house. If the skirtings and buckles are unfit, the

effects are not satisfactory even we have the best wood flooring. Therefore, when should

not ignore the accessories and ingredients.

Skirting creates different effects

When purchasing laminate floorings, factories would buy skirtings accordingly. Generally

speaking, laminate flooring manufacturers would not produce skirtings, but order the

matching ones directly. Therefore, many skirtings look similar, the quality and color are

similar, too. Nevertheless, skirtings not only protect the wall corner, their beautifulness

and visual effects are also important. Deep color wood floorings matching lighter color

skirting would give people a sense of relaxation, while lighter color wood floorings matching

darker color skirtings would give people a sense of security, especially some colorful

floorings, if we choose different skirtings, it would create different decoration effect. The

width of skirtings also affect the effect.

Is flooring glue the helper of nemesis of formaldehype?

When installing laminate floorings, the type of glue would directly influence the quality and

environmment . when we buy laminate wood floorings now, distributors provide free

service of transportation and installation. The glue and mat are also free of charge. As for

the accessories, flooring manufacturers call them dedicated glue and mat. It seems that

consumers do not waste money, but the fee has been count into the money. In fact, the

quality of glue directly influence the effect, but some formaldehype would release around

the air, which causes pollution to the indoor environment. When buying wood floorings,

apart from comparing the quality, style and price, we should take full consideration, and

buy the reliable wood floorings.

Wood flooring paint makes hardwood floorings see the wood but not paint

As solid wood floorings on the market are almost UV lacquer. In order to reduce the cost,

manufacturers use poor quality or unenvironmental glue to cheat consumers.

At the moment, laminate wood floorings use MDF, HDF or particle board as base material.

This wooden materials often use formaldehype adhesive. Therefore, during normal use,

adhesive would remain on the board. Consumers with little knowledge about the tree

species and color would face the danger of cheating. They just buy seemingly beautiful

wood flooring. When installing hardwood flooring, if we use su-board, after polishing

and painting, we can not avoid the gap, but also have natural beauty. Seal the gap up when

painting can make them more durable, especially waterproof and dust-proof effect.


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