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Hardwood floor installation tips

1. Ununiform gap between hardwood floor board during installation is mostly resulted by Ignorance of workers or Unqualified wood floor board with errors on board dimensions. 2.Part of hardwood plank floor cupping is most likely casued by excessive dampness attck … Continue reading

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Why solid timber floor board cup or bend?

Most consumers would meet some probelms of solid floor board cupping or bending after either short or long period of time after installation. C&L hardwood analyze the cases resulted in cupping , bending or excessive movement as following: 1. Room … Continue reading

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Solid timber floor,low end, medium or high end?

As  solid hardwood acacia flooring  get involved in too many different wood speices. For common consumers it is pretty difficult to distinguish which wood in what quality.C&L hardwood classified the common wood used as solid wood floor as following: 1. Low end hardwood … Continue reading

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What to take care of before buy solid wood floor?

How to choose the hardwood flooring to your best budget? Which points need to be taken care of ,pls check the following point from C&L hardwood team: 1. Weight&Hardness Generally ,harder & big density timber has better stability than lighter … Continue reading

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Wood Flooring Top Five Brandname in China

According to the latest report from China Wood Flooring International,above five wood flooring companies is becoming the five most influential ones in the market of China with each ONE total captital exceed 1 billion CNY.The products range covers lamiante wood … Continue reading

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Laminate wood flooring ,what to take care of before purchase?

With continual increase of hardwood timber material cost in current worldwide low ecnomic situation,laminate wood flooirng is becoming the first choice for most of the buyers. Simply to say ,laminate wood flooring is constrcuted by three layers: 1. Surface decorative … Continue reading

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Solid teak timber decking,Fresh or Matured?

I. Freshly Cut Indonesia Origin Teak Timber Decking II.  Matured Teak timber decking for swimming pool use Above two pics shows the same batch of teak wood decking before and after sunlight expose.The color changed from pale yellow white to … Continue reading

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Walnut flooring,false or true?

Walnut hardwood floors is always a popular words in wood flooring market. To attract consumer’s attention many different wood whose timber species has no relation with genuine walnut wood have been crowned as “walnut”,like Asian walnut,Manchurian Walnut,Burama Walnut,Red Walnut,African Walnut. Actually, American … Continue reading

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Foshan wood flooring Industry

Most of importers know that Foshan is one of the biggest building material manufacturing  base in China.The totoal GDP exceed 80 trilion CNY this city alone. Actually wood flooring industry in Foshan is comparatively weaker than ceramic ,furniture,metal,chemicals industries here. Foshan … Continue reading

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Naildown or Glue Down for solid wood floor?

Sometimes it ‘s  a headache for the consumers to install solid hardwood timber flooring. Gluedown or Naildown? In South China, most of consumers would hire professional worker to install solid hardwood floors. A good installer is a key factor to … Continue reading

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