Timber floor prices formulation

In these days the overall timber flooring market competition is very intensive,however  we can see current wood floor material demand is comparatively slack in the international flooring market.Every wood flooring enterprise is striving to suvive in the harsh wood flooring market.It’s like a battle that who want to be the last winner who must carry out the best efficent & flexible price stragtegy in different marketing phases.Analysis,Stragtegy & Action,how to make the best balance,it is the ultimate goal of companies.

I. Timber Floor Price Position

Many timber flooring companies in China focus not enough on the products price levelas well as the products series.Most of flooring prices are set only based on high end,middle or low end in the market or without main products as well as too many wood floor varieties.They do not understand the actual significance of targeting & product variety planning.

The Marco & Micro market study will show us the answer.The middle class timber flooring consumers are switch to rational & individual purchase from emotional & mainstream purchase.High brandname wood flooring company should be well adjustd to the position of ration & emotion, to establish a full production line and satfy both rational consumer & emotional consumers.

Simply to say , a low end ,middle to high end products categries are needed to meet the requirments  of various customers groups.

In theory,above categories will affect the wood flooirng brandname positioning.Actually no sufficent demand & sales volume, brandname shaping & enterprise growth is impossible.Most of timber floor companies have to make a choice between extending products varieties and reducing managment cost in order to balance the products line.

We should make a clear plan that which are main products,which are brandname image products and which are frequently changed products series.The paln like military stragtegy on land troops,marine troops & sky troops.Making flexible manipulation is a key to victory.

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