Wood Species – Taun

Taun(also named Pometia pinnata Forst, Malugay,Agupange, Kasai, Kasi besar daun, Matoa, Sibu)


It is normal to see Taun in Southeast Asia and South Pacific region and the most important species in Lanyu island.People on Lanyu island take Taun as their treasure and protect them cautionally.They often clear up the grass around the Taun tree to provide a suitable environment for their growth.

Because they grow in South Sinkiang andSoutheast Asia, it is named “Fan”in Chinese(means adventive). Its timber presents a dark red brown color, good hardness and pretty wood grain.People usually use this species to built beams,side walls and floors. Dawus in Lanyu island(Taiwan) like to use Taun to built boats.

Taun wood is also called “Tangmu” in Chinese with this word uneasy to be heard today. The name “Tangmu” is named by Janpanese experts who studied Chinese culture.It also means materials which was used to make precious woodworks and handicrafts.

Taiwan merchant was the earliest people who took Taun to China mainland.


Taun timber,one kind of arbor from aiphyllium, can grow as tall as 30-45 meters and one-meter diameter.

Its heartwood is red brown and amaranthine brown,and the color of sapwood is light red brown. People choose Taun because of its obvious growth ring,no special odour, cross grain,even structure,excellent shrinkage factor, rotproofness,and good hardness.


It is widely used as constructional materials, wood flooring and interior decorative materials.

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