Wood species – Teak

myanmar teak – logs

Teak, also known as Burma Teak, mainly grows inBurmaandThailand.

Characteristics of The Wood

Lignin differs because of different environment, and greatly from its sapwood of 3cm width.

Its heartwood is yellowish-brown color shading with slight red and then turns into slight brown or light yellow-green when we look at its sapwood. With its unique leather-like smell, people are easy to recognize teak wood and get a fatty flu.

The most valuable character is corrosion-proof and excellent performance of teak timber. It takes Burma Teak and Thailand Teak as the best. But since Teak exportation has been prohibited inThailand, so the Burma Teak gets hotter for importing.

High density and hardness, corrosion resistance are the tropical label for teak wood. In Europea, people use teak wood to make yachts and so does their deck, other historical cathedrals and old buildings. Even the beautiful buildings at Shanghai Bund– the most prosperous areas inChina,are made of teak.

Teak is of great value, which takes 50 years to grow into lumber. In natural environment, the most productive forest district can plant 1-5 teak trees per mu. The most miraculous thing is that color of dressed side gradual change into golden yellow under photosynthesis processing.

Characteristics of Teak Timber

  1. heavily oleaginous, defend snakes, mosquitoes, ants and insects
  2. golden yellow surface conducted by photosynthesis, the longer the prettier
  3. unique natural fragrant and depressant for nerve
  4. high density and hardness, uneasy to twist and abrade
  5. unfinished and prefinished board can be used
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