Wood species-Maple


Maple divided into soft Maple and hard Maple belongs to temperate wood species, and grows mainly in Yangtze valley ,Taiwan and East America. Maple wood is ash brown or gray red, light and hard with not-obvious annual ring, interlocked grain, fine and uniformity structure. It is easy to process.

Brief introduction

Maple belongs to aceraceae.There are more than 150 kinds of maple trees widely growing in North America, Europe, North Africa, East and central Asia. According to hardness, it is divided into two kind:hard Maple(white Maple,black Maple) and soft Maple(red Maple, silver Maple).The hard Maple is 25% harder than soft Maple.So hard Maple is more expensive than soft Maple. ACERSaccharum and A.nigmu is the most famous out of kinds of Maple wood. It is called Canada Maple because there is Maple leaf on the national flag ofCanada. Maple is an historical tree inAmericaand Europe.People use Maple ash to make soap before.In 20s, Maple is the material for making propeller.So far,Maple is also hot in making furniture,wood flooring and sports equipment.On the other hand, sap of sugar maple can be the raw material for sugar. Maple sugar is an unparalleled kind of sugar. Maple sugar section is also an traditional festival inCanada.


Maple widely grows inYunnan and northeast of China.The Acer mono is a kind of Maple in China.It was set wood material for spindle in textile mill and shoe tree in shoe factory. Because of origin differences and varieties differences,some Chinese Maple is soft with loose structure,not-obvious grain,low gloss which is less favorable than Maple from Europe andAmerica. However,Some Maple wood with bird’s eye grain and crouching grain is the highest grade.


Maple ,because of its uniform color, is often made as furniture,high-class furniture, wooden shovel and paper.Its utilities including:veneer,framework of timber structure, lamps,lanterns, cabinet and turning products.


Milky white to white with light reddish brown.


Uniformly dense wood, good finish performance, light green gray mineral grain,easy to paint


Moderate hardness,fine woodiness

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