Wood Species-Merbau


Scientific name: intsia biujga

Commercial name: Merbau

Latin name:Intsia.spp

Product name:Merbau (Malaysia,Indonesia); Ipil (Philippines); Kwila (Papua New Guinea); Hintzy (Madagascar)

Family: Caesalpiniaceae

Distribution:Malaysia,Indonesia, thePhilippines,Burma’s southern,Thailand,Papua New Guinea,Solomon,Fijiand samo islands, etc.

Characteristic of wood: diffuse-porous wood, yellow-brown or orange-brown sapwood printing dark stripes with pale ones, great difference between sapwood and heart wood, no special smell, special golden line across the grain

Property of the wood: heavy or middle heavy, 0.80-0.94 g/cm&sup3 air-dry density, 1.3kg/m3-1.5kg/m3 Not dry density, interlocked grain, Heavy hard tough, stable property, strong resistance to termites, moist and temperature change.

Usage of the wood:wood flooring, high-quality furniture, interior decorating materials, door ark, crossgirder for cars and ships.

Merbau wood timber is one of most stable wood species among wood floors. Few problems arise after sale. Merbau logs exist a little difference between every pieces, divided into red merbau,yellow merbau.It is the timber of best property and the main selling wood flooring in the wood flooring market.

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