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Hardwood flooring is suitable for the under floor heating ?

In fact, the solid wood flooring is not recommended to be used for the under floor heating system. Reason 1: the hardwood flooring is with high moisture content in the wood , even the wood flooring is already kiln-dried.the high moisture content may bring about  distortion of the hardwood flooring. Besides, if the solid wood flooring is installed in an incorrect way, the distortion problem may also occurs.   Reasons 2: it takes you much time and energy to maintain the hardwood flooring for the under flooring heating. You have to  check the temperature of the solid wood flooring when you are going to turn on or turn off the under flooring heating. Because the solid wood flooring could not bear the sudden change of temperature.   Reasons 3:  That is the effect of the heat conduction, which is  in the energy aspect. The coefficient of heat conductivity  of the floor material is as below :   Natural Stone> Tile> engineered Wood Flooring> Laminate flooring> hardwood Flooring>Carpet> wool carpet   The lower the coefficient of heat conductivity is, the more engery it takes to achieve the same heating effect. As a result, the hardwood flooring is not a good option if your home is with the under floor heating system.

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Standard Installation for Hardwood Flooring

Tasks to Wood Flooring Base Level   1.The proper distance between two wood joist should be≤ 350mm 2. Wood joist should be installed flatly and firmly. 3. Wood joist should be corrosion resistance(width >35mm ). Coniferous timber or multiply wood … Continue reading

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How To Clean Engineered Wood Floors?

Engineered wood floors, laminate wood floors, snap-in wood floors, whatever name the manufacturer chooses to use, these floors have exploded in popularity. The boards are comprised of a type of press board, covered with a thin veneer of real wood. This two-ply construction allows the boards to breathe a bit, expanding and contracting with minimal exposure to humidity. They are easy to install, requiring few tools. The laminates come in a variety of woods, tones, and shapes. Once installed, they are a durable, beautiful, affordable addition to any home. With proper cleaning and maintenance, engineered wood floors will last many years. Follow these easy steps to keep the floor looking and functioning well. Spills Clean spills as soon as they occur. Just like hardwood floors, engineered wood floors are not designed for prolonged exposure to moisture. Additionally, some liquids can stain the laminate floor if they are left in place too long as they can work their way in between the layers of particleboard and veneer. Once this occurs, it is necessary to replace the stained boards, rather than to try to clean the stain. Area Rugs Area rugs are an excellent way to protect the high-traffic areas of the floor from hazards such as high heels and damaging scuffmarks. However, they can also trap fine dirt and dust onto the floor. Lift areas rugs and clean under them regularly. This dirt can scratch the floor every time someone steps on the area rug if it is not removed regularly. For floors that lead to an outside exit, consider placing mats, both inside and outside the door. This will help to remove excess dirt from shoes, prior to entering the house and stepping on the laminate floor. Sweep Regularly Use a soft bristled broom or a dust mop to sweep the floor two or three times per week.  This activity will prevent larger dirt particles from begin ground into and scratching the surface of the floor. It will also remove finer dirt that can act as sandpaper to the floor’s  finish if subjected to heavy foot traffic. If there are pets in the house, this is especially  beneficial to keep the dust bunnies at bay. Vacuum Use a soft brush vacuum cleaner to vacuum the floor once a week. This activity will remove the finer particles of dirt and dust that can accumulate in the cracks and floor joints. If left unattended, dirt and dust could compromise the floor’s seal, causing the  boards to shift or buckle. Light Mop Periodically, the floor will appear soiled even with regular sweeping and vacuuming. When  the floor’s shine begins to dull use a damp mop and a small amount of cleaner. It will help to  restore the floor to its original luster. The key to this deeper cleaning is that the mop must be  damp, not soaking wet. The goal is to remove the thin layer of film, not to soak the wood  thoroughly. The floor should be slightly damp while mopping and thoroughly dry within  … Continue reading

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Solid Wood Floor Cleaning – Care and Maintenance

Solid wood flooring is a traditional and beautiful option for many rooms in the home as long as they are above grade.   Some of these floors have been known to last a hundred years or more with proper solid wood flooring maintenance and care.   In order to protect the investment it is vital to know how to clean and maintain this type of flooring, and all the ways to avoid damage that will age the floor prematurely.     Cleaning Solid Wood Flooring   Solid wood flooring can be scratched, so in order to minimize the risk it is a good idea to place mats at entranceways to capture as much dirt, dust and sand as possible. Sweeping the floor daily will remove what the mats miss. It’s also a good idea to vacuum  regularly (without a beater bar) to remove any dirt or dust left behind.   To wash the floor, use only products recommended by the flooring manufacturer. Only damp mop, as wood is highly vulnerable to water and excess moisture will damage the wood and potentially cause warping.   Maintaining Solid Wood Flooring   In addition to regular cleaning, it may be necessary to use a spot cleaner if a stain appears from food or drinks. Follow the instructions for the product suitable to your floor.   Sticky marks on solid wood flooring can be cleaned with a damp towel.   When the flooring begins to look dull and loses its shine it is time to refinish the floor. This will not only restore its original beauty but it will help extend the life of the flooring by protecting the wood and helping to reseal it against moisture.   DIY homeowners can refinish their own flooring, which requires sanding and applying fresh coats of finish, and allowing the floor ample time to dry and cure.   Many people choose to hire professional wood floor refinishers to complete the job, which can help speed up the process and reduce the amount of time that the floor cannot be used. It’s also a great option for someone going away on holidays – the floor can be completed  while they are away and they return to a beautiful new-looking floor.   … Continue reading

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Easy Floating Installation Instroduction

A.   Introduction Wood materials act after the surrounding climate, the main factor is the relative humidity (RH, %). High humidity means the wood – expands; low humidity – it shrinks. Due to this natural property you must pay attention to … Continue reading

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Exclusive Attention Should Be Put on Your Laminate Flooring

  Exclusive Attention Should Be Put on Your Laminate Flooring Elegance and reasonable price are two deep images for laminate flooring, but as time lasts, your laminate flooring would lose its original gloss, so exclusive attention should be put on … Continue reading

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Reveal the secret of “ghost” solid wood flooring

Reveal the secret of “ghost” solid wood flooring   Chinese wood flooring market grows rapidly along with brand building, production craft, and technology innovation. Especially under the strengthened force of leading company which strictly focus on quality and good faith, Chinese … Continue reading

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Bamboo Flooring

  Bamboo Flooring Bamboo flooring is a new type of flooring with tough fibre which is easy to install, available for drawing room etc. Bamboo flooring is easy to handle&clean, only need to wipe by well-wrung mop and vacuum regularly. … Continue reading

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Wood Species–Burma Walnut

    Burma Walnut Wood and Distribution: Megaphanerophyte,30-35 meters tall,0.6-1 meter diameter long,8 types of wood distributing in South Asia and Papua New Guinea; Largely comes from South Asia. Property of Burma Walnut Wood: Gloosy wood,straight or interlaced grain,fine and … Continue reading

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Wood Species-Tauari

  Timber Name:Tauari Source of Timber:South America Features: Megaphanerophyte that can grow as tall as 16mm and 0.75m diameter long. Straight trunk; Bark can be 1-2 CM long. Light yellow white heartwood, inconspicuous boundary from the white wood, suitable for … Continue reading

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