Easy Floating Installation Instroduction

A.   Introduction

Wood materials act after the surrounding climate, the main factor is the relative humidity (RH, %).

High humidity means the wood – expands; low humidity – it shrinks.

Due to this natural property you must pay attention to the instructions below.

B. Check before installation

You find additional information to each section further below:

  1. Store the packages in the future room climate and open package after package when you install.
  2. This floor will be floating installed,i.e. keep always a distance to all fixed construction parts.
  3.  Check your floor construction.it must be dry,clean, firm and even,eliminate always wall to wall carpets and investigate the floor.
  4. Choose underlay materials (read carefully below!) according to your own situation – all floors are unique!
  5.  Measure the room, decide installation direction.Note the limitations as per below – due to natural behavior of wood!
  6. Check you floor continuously during the installation.Installed defect boards can easily be replaced – cannot be complainted!
  7.  Keep always the right room climate 45-60 % RH at 18-24 °C.
  8.  Maintain/clean your FLOOR correct and you will enjoy the floor.

C.      Floating  Installation

Your floor is made to be installed floating without glue:

  1. Begin laying in the left-hand corner. Place the floorboard 4-6mmfrom the left wall. The distance to the wall in front (4-6mm) is not important because the flooring can be pushed into place at a later stage.
  2. Press the end section of the next floorboard at an angle to the first one, then lay down. Complete the first row in the same matter.
  3. Place the final floorboard face down and the short side without the locking strip towards the wall. The distance to the wall should be 4-6mm. Mark where the floorboard is to be cut.
  4. Place the floorboard face down on the work surface and cut to size using a pad under 1 saw. Use a fine toothed type if you are using a hand saw. In this case, cut the floorboards face up.
  5. Use a cut piece of board from the previous row to start the next row. This must be at least30 cmlong. If the piece is too short, start with a new board, cut in half. Always ensure that the end joints are staggered at least 30 cm.
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