Wood Species-Wenge



Scientific name: Senna siamea

Family: Caesalpini-aceae

Distribution:India,Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Burma

There are 500 species of Caesalpini-aceae,and wenge is one kind of Caesalpini-aceae which is widely grow in Tropical and subtropical region.It has trees, shrubs and herbs.Wenge is one of trees with good commercial value.Trees can be 20 meters high with dark bark.

Growth Habit: Wenge trees grow in light enough environment with the tempreture between 23-30℃. Positive plant;Good resistence to heat,drought,humidity,pollution,dry and easy to transplant.

Garden Utility: Green leaf,easy to plant without much maintenance.It can be used as border tree, shade tree, forest bath tree and planted in gardens, school yards, recreation area,temples. Wenge Wood: Diffuse-porous wood;straight grain;rough structure;yelolow-white

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