Wood flooring without color difference, dare you buy it Part 1

herringbone grey oak wood flooring

Its pleasing to the eyes,which it will be confusing and doubtful at the same time

Why is there a color aberration between the wooden floors?

Is this Color Aberration normal for the wooden floor?

grey oak fishbone wood flooring

black walnut fishbone wood flooring

In fact, there are no two identical floors in the world

Just as there are no two identical tree leaves.

Due to the nature of hardwood flooring,

A slight color difference between each of the floors is normal.

In here, I would like to explain about the hardwood floor color aberration for you!

Why is there a color aberration in solid wood flooring?

During the growth process of trees, due to different environments, different shades of sun, high and low density, the same species in different regions which also had little bit difference. Even the trees in the same forest may have different colors and Texture.

The called “color aberration” means that the color of the same piece of wood is not the same, the difference is large, but in the whole piece of ground after laying, the color is dark or light, which is a little in the same color wood. Differences, and this “must exist” and “normally exist.”

1.color aberration between tree roots and treetops

Some solid wood floors are made of tree roots, some are made of treetops, and the color would be in dark in tree roost in someplace, and the color near the treetops is more lighter.

wood colour aberration

2.color aberration between tree bark and pith

The place that is close to tree bark in real wood floor is shallow color weight is light; Near the center of the pith it is deep color and heavy

wood colour aberration

3.processing methods lead to color aberration

The method of cutting the floor wood is different. Some are cut by the diameter, some are cut by the string. After the processing, the texture of the floor is inconsistent. The two floors of different wood grain will inevitably have a color difference.

wood colour aberration

4.color aberration caused by installation

Because there is a color aberration in the floor itself, if the installation master does not observe and compare the color of the floor during the installation process, it will be obvious to put the two floors with large color difference together.

5.color aberration caused by the environment

The color of the floor is close to the window is generally brighter than the color of the floor in the shadow. This is mainly due to the influence of sunlight on the visual floor.
oak white oiled fishbone wood flooring

oak white oiled fishbone wood flooring

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